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Snow on the Garden at Night
Later in the evening….

Here’s another photo, taken towards the end of the evening. When I measured earlier, it was about 3.5″ deep and the slot in the snow made by the ruler was covered up when I took this picture, so I’ll claim about 4″ (c. 10cm) in total. Yes, we normally use the metric system in the UK these days but the tool I used, a woodworking square, could well be older than me and safely pre-decimalisation!

This morning I was up early to clear a way for Jane to get the car out although, in the end, she was contacted by her office to tell her to wait until later. It was good to get some clearing done though and we’ll also get the benefit of a sun-dried area across the drive and pavement into the road when she heads off tomorrow (the forecast rain and higher temperatures should start seeing the snow off after that).

I had to do a fair amount of processing on the photo to boost the light levels. The result is a bit grainy bit it was in the darkness of the night, or as dark as the scene got between the moon and all those pristine white surfaces bouncing the light around and making every photon count!

It was shot on my iPad and, if you visit my Flickr account, you can also see the attempt before I turned the flash off (which will make it as a background overlay in a forthcoming music video for ASTAD).

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