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Water into Wine


Water into Wine - 5
Don’t drink this!

Today I have been working on turning water into wine. Okay, strictly speaking, water into the illusion of wine. This is actually a mixture of water and red wine vinegar. At each step, I used a syringe to remove a measured amount of water and add the equivalent measure of vinegar, giving me glasses full of water, ‘rosé’, a ‘light red’ and the more ‘full-bodied red’ shown above.

With the liquid level maintained and the camera on a tripod, this gives me a series of shots that I can use to create a video effect of transmutation. You can see the collection of ‘wine’ photos on my Flickr account. That includes a few images — the turquoise glasses on a black background — created while I was doing my photo editing with The GIMP, where I used the ‘difference’ mode to line up two layers and ensure each crop was in exactly the same place (I didn’t just fly by the numbers in case I’d jogged the camera beween shots).

Why? Especially if you are part of a church that follows the Church of England lectionary, it isn’t too hard to guess that we’re looking at the story of the wedding at Cana from John 2, where Jesus does a proper job on this transformation rather than the visual trickery I resorted to.

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