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Tomorrow is Christmas Day but Christmas Eve is an opportunity to do some tidying up and catching up. I’ve found a home for the TV / monitor that came free with the house (unwanted by us but it means a friend can watch soppy Christmas movies on a big screen while her boys play X Box in another room), made some mince pies, finished off rodent proofing the underside of the new shed and got dinner on the go.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to have another bottle of my Little Owl brew, which has now had about a month and a half of bottle conditioning. The first bottle, a few weeks ago, was a bit disappointing but it improved and another, a couple of weeks ago, was starting to hit the spot nicely. The last couple I’ve opened have been gushers though – the creation of a foam that quickly explodes out of the uncapped bottle, wasting a fair amount of the beer and stirring up the sediment at the bottom.

That is annoying, because the last couple have also tasted pretty good. I might try keeping one in the fridge for a few hours before opening – I seem to recall that lower temperatures can inhibit unwanted foaming. Or, it seems, I can try magnets. That doesn’t seem entirely plausible and I think the paper mentioned in the article talked about running the beer through the magnetic field while it was still at the hot wort stage. However, since I’ve got several strong magnets, it might be worth a try if the problem persists after I’ve tried a more chilled approach.

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