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Plants in the Ground


We’ve been doing a bit of gardening over the past couple of days. We finally felt ready to get some new plants (a couple of dogwoods and a type of buddleja I’ve not noticed before – Buddleja glomerata). The dogwoods are in a new bed I made down by the canalside, where they add some useful colour and will also provide some screening from the tow path on the other side once they find their feet next year. The buddleja is in a pot for now so we can shelter it if we get a very harsh winter but we’ll probably seek to find a more permanent home for it time.

We also got some seeds, which Jane planted out this morning under cover – things like sweetpeas, which should set us up for early flowering displays in 2021.

Finally, we did some plant moving. The garden came with some large grasses which looked pretty but weren’t really where we wanted them. Those have now been relocated near the canal bank, where they will be sympathetic to how several neighbours have tended their patches.

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