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YouTube Musicians – Adam Neely


A long time ago, I wrote a series of posts about my musical influences. Indeed, it was so long ago that I think I was still using Blosxom as my blogging platform and I’ve just had to go back and edit the posts to make the tags work with WordPress and drop the long defunct Technoratii links I used to use for that purpose. Following a recent promise on Twitter, I’m returning to the theme but this time I’m thinking about some of musical editors I follow on YouTube.

One of the most prolific is Adam Neely. Adam is a New York based bassist, composer and theory geek, musically well educated and a gifted educator himself to boot. He has been running his channel for years now and I came across it when it was more bass-focused but he covers a whole gamut of esoteric subjects, such as microtonal music and polyrhythms. His Learning to Like Contemporary Christian Music was fascinating to me, given my musical context and I’d suggest the best place to get a feel for his channel are his monthly Q+A pieces.

However, perhaps one of his most endearing characteristics as a YouTuber is his refusal to play the clickbait game, for which his analysis of Sweet Home Alabama is a perfect example. Most would pose a cryptic sounding question like “Do you want to know what key it is really in?” but not Mr Neely:

That ain’t no clickbait

Oh, and if you are interested, he presents a detailed and well-reasoned discussion of his answer.

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