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This is not a baboon


If you squint and look at this picture from a distance, you may see a baboon’s face:

Wood Store
Wood Store

If you do, that will be your pareidolia kicking in again. In fact, it is a truncated pallet that I took apart and reassembled to fit in what had been our temporary lawnmower store. I believe it was originally intended as a bin store and it came with the house but disassembled and sans instructions. I’ve got a feeling that there may have been a panel missing but I’m making use of it for my own purposes – wheelie bins are perfectly waterproof on their own.

The reason I’ve put the pallet at the bottom is that tomorrow we are getting a delivery of firewood. Although we’ve had a log burner since 2014, we’ve never previously had to buy wood. However we had our first one fitted in March and all spring and summer to collect and season fuel; in the new house, we didn’t get the stove until mid-August and we’ve had other things to get sorted out so a purchase it is.

It will be interesting to see how long it lasts. It should give us a decent run; we’re certainly getting into weather where the results will be appreciated.

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