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Singing in Masks


With yesterday’s rehearsal, we were all wearing masks as part of the safety precautions. The trumpet and recorder players unmasked when playing but singers, including myself, kept our masks on throughout.

It was the first time I’ve tried singing at a reasonable volume for a decent period of time (perhaps half an hour) wearing a mask. How was it? I have to confess that it reminded me of some of the packed pub and club settings I’ve played in the past – you know the ones that are heaving and the sweat is dripping from the ceiling? I suppose most of that was probably condensation but, although being behind the mask isn’t the most pleasant of environments, at least it’s just your own excess moisture that you’re exposed to.

One of these days, we’ll be able to leave the masks off but for now, even when I start performing songs in church again, I’ll keep the mask on. After all, that piece of cloth isn’t just a mask – it is also a visible sign that I am willing to bear a measure of inconvenience and mild discomfort for the sake of those around me. Not everyone can safely mask up but, for those of us who can, it expresses that we value others in our community.

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