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Just over a year ago, the MyFolia website closed down. I’d been using it to capture information about my gardening exploits – what plants I had, how they were growing and harvest volumes, etc – for over a decade. Fortunately, the users of the site got a good amount of notice and various export tools so I was able to rescue the data but that didn’t leave an obvious way of continuing the data capture.

I’ve been recording notes in a spreadsheet but it would be a bit harder to drill down to the level of detail I had before. Now that I’m eyeing up our new garden in earnest, I want to get back to a better system and so I’m spending some time this week working on the problem.

I think I’m going to go with sqlite3 – a relational database system (data integrity and query power) but also lightweight and portable. Plans in place, I’m now almost ready to import the saved data and start entering new things and then to begin on generating the reports that provide intelligence from the system.

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