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I was dusting off a few brains cells today doing a bit of web design. I feel quite out of touch with modern design trends and it is a long time since I have worked on this kind of thing in a professional capacity. However, it was actually quite enjoyable, flexing a few ‘muscles’ and finding they still worked.

The top discover was a site offering ‘hero patterns‘. It’s a neat name for free, SVG based tiling patterns. Once upon a time, you either had flat backgrounds or pictures but there has been a gradual development in short bits of code to generate patterns as another alternative. I’d never got deeply into that so it was pleasing to find a site that made it easy to pick a basic pattern and adjust a few parameters (foreground and background colours and foreground opacity), which yielded a surprising amount of flexibility and something that was just what I was after.

Anyway, here’s a hurrah for Steve Schoger, the provider of that resource.

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