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Yesterday was another busy day in the new house. The most stressful part of the day was the start of it, as I knew the Virgin Media installer would be round sometime between 8am and 1pm and we’d ended up transporting a lot more of our boxes on Sunday than we’d originally planned and so the front room was full up. I was up early, trying to free up bits of furniture and redistribute the boxes to make access possible round the front wall.

As it turned out, I was making decent headway when the engineer arrived not too long after 8am. It turned out it was possible to get the access point installed in the extension at the back of the house, which should give us a good signal in the garden. While he did his work, I carried on with the front room, which was looking halfway respectable by the time I’d finished – even with some books and DVDs out of their boxes to make it look more like a living room and less like a store room.

Internet was fully working by about 9:30am and I’d even successfully received the delivery of the Zoom Q2n 4K I was also expecting. That moved the day from stress to merely another one of hard labour, gradually working on making this house into our home. Progress continues but we are getting there.

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