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Fan the Embers


Fan the Embers

I think the video above, released as part of my Nine o’Clock Worship series, has been one of my best productions yet. We’ve got a bit of ambient sound, transitions cued to the music and even the illusion of flickering flames by apply an overlaid effect above still images.

However, even without that flexing of my production muscles, the song (written and performed by my friends Mo and Kev) is worthy of note. It was originally written in 2017 by Mo, after seeing some words of prophecy on Facebook, but I think it is very relevant to this period of time.

Many people have been busy over the past few months but others have felt quite isolated. As lockdown measures are gradually eased, now is time to draw those embers back together but also to pray that the Lord fans them back into flame, to burn even stronger than before.

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