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Going to Melbourne (Hall)


Koi in Pond
Koi at Melbourne Hall

Melbourne, Australia, was named in 1837 in honour of the then British Prime Minister, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. It turns out the name comes from a market town in South Derbyshire and Lamb’s family home, Melbourne Hall, is beginning to open to the public again after lockdown. We get free access with our RHS cards and, following making a booking last week, paid our first visit to the place yesterday afternoon.

It isn’t the most spectacular or largest garden we have visited but it made for a pleasant stroll with some beautiful vistas and interesting plants. One area we found was a shallow pond surrounded by four swamp cypresses (Taxodium distichum), with two large koi carp swimming in it. I’ve made a few adjustments to the photo, including cropping it and tweaking the colours but it still isn’t too far from the original.

I also took quite a few other photos. This is one of the first outings I’ve done with my DSLR (Nikon D40) for quite a while. The camera on the iPad is excellent but there is still something special to the form factor of the DSLR and the chance to use some of my collection of lenses (today all done with my Vivitar 90mm lens, set at f/5).

You can see the full set on Flickr, where you will spot that I’ve mainly gone for textures rather than distinct subjects. With all the video work I’ve been doing recently, my collection of background photos has been a boon. So far, it has come up trumps every time but it has motivated me to continue expanding this personal stock photography collection, which explains why you will see hardly any plants (and the gorgeous red poppy wasn’t part of the cultivated garden) but lots of brick walls and pig skin!

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