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For my last day of the 30x30directwatercolor2020 project I thought I’d try another self portrait:

Self Portrait in Two Colours
Self Portrait in Two Colours

It is recognisably human (although with hints of Neanderthal and the Simpsons’ Springfield – d’oh!) but I think less recognisably me than my either my yellow and violet attempt earlier this month or the one I did with the same pair of colours in my similar project a couple of years ago. This time I used Sennelier Chinese Orange and Ultramarine Blue; I’m not sure if I used exactly the same on the first one but it would have been an ultramarine and something orange.

I should have left more white on the page. Nevermind – although not my best this month, I’ve had some decent paintings. I won’t be painting with such frequency in the coming year but hopefully more than I did when I finished the 2018 project.

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