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Bluebell Arboretum


This morning, Jane and I took a trip over to one of our nearest RHS Partner Gardens. Harlow Carr is now our nearest full garden and that’s a hundred miles off. However, Bluebell Arboretum in South Derbyshire is about a twenty five minute drive and was well worth it. As an arboretum, it is relatively young. There are some trees that are older (like a centuries-old oak – Quercus robur – that came with the land) but most are twenty years or younger.

I did a bit of digital artwork which, after working hard in the garden after getting home this afternoon, I have decided to count for this month’s art project although water didn’t come anywhere near it:

Bluebell Arboretum
Bluebell Arboretum

However, it might well feed into a future painting.

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