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In June 2018, I joined in with the 30×30 Direct Watercolour challenge, mediated via Facebook group, and produced 30 daily watercolour paintings without under-drawing. You can see the full set on Flickr; not all are fantastic but I’ve come back to enjoy one or two of them from time to time. Not long after, I did a painting course with acrylics, which distracted me from watercolours for a while and I haven’t done as much painting as I’d like in either medium since.

Tomorrow is the start of June and I’m going to give the project another go. I’ve found a little sketchbook with reasonably heavy paper, so I’m going to see if I can fill that up. When I flicked through, I only counted 28 pages (and that’s going back to back) so I’ll either have a couple of days off or find some other (bigger?) paper to work on at the end.

Don’t expect too much; I think I’ll begin with some fairly simple value studies. I’d also like to see if I can use up some of my cheap and nasty watercolours; that should create a few gaps and a good excuse to fill in with some more artist quality paints, which I might begin to bring to bear towards the end of the month.

However, do expect pictures!

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