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I was having a lot of fun this morning, working up a version of Chris Falson’s I Walk By Faith. I mapped out the structure, added a Logic drummer, played the chords on acoustic guitar and then layered up multiple layers of vocals before adding in electric bass. You can see the video I recorded while doing that take below, spliced in with some walking along the garden path and the lyrics:

I Walk By Faith

It is a draft edition because some of the other members of the Toddlers’ Church team will film themselves singing and dancing along and I will cut together a new version to be used in their next online event next Wednesday.

You are welcome to sing along too but if you try playing an instrument, you might find it quite tricky. When I was getting ready to play my part, I realised that it didn’t sound in tune despite having just checked the tuning on the bass. It turned out that the acoustic guitar had been in tune with itself but at 436Hz rather than the common standard of 440Hz. D’oh!

Rather than redoing all the other tracks, I decided to cut my losses and recalibrate the tuner and drop my bass down (thanks for asking – yes, I’ve just set it back to A = 440Hz while writing this post, as well as retuning the guitar). I think that will do but, since I don’t have perfect pitch, I’d better get back in the habit of double checking a reference source even when one of my stringed instruments sounds in tune with itself.

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