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So, I found myself needing a deadcat


Yes, deadcat as one word. I certainly don’t want an expired feline. Instead, I’m after a device to baffle wind sound on a microphone being used outdoors and, according to my research, deadcat is a common term for this type of windshield. Out of the various places I looked, the best demo I found was a video by Scott Dumas – if you skip to about 1:20, you can hear the problem caused by wind buffeting microphone capsules without any additional protection.

The reason I need it is to capture the talk for Sunday morning. Originally I’d planned to do a zoom chat with our speaker and record her message that way but, despite testing the idea last week, she was having problems getting the audio working again today. It would probably be easy if I could pop round to fiddle but we’re still working within social distancing restrictions.

Instead, I’m going to pop round tomorrow morning and we’ll use a spot outside. I can record video and audio but, having tried doing some field recording of birdsong last week, I’m aware how wind noise that is imperceptible to our ears is very audible when recorded. Fortunately, Jane had some suitable material (not full on fur but soft felt) and a bit of testing suggests that I should be able to get what I need in the can to knit this Sunday’s service together.

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