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Jane and I found a lovely route for our early morning stroll this morning. We did a short drive to the south west end of Beacon Road and followed the bridlepath further in that direction, following field boundaries to the edge of Outwoods. Outwoods is presently closed and there was a bit of confusion as the path we’d planned to use to veer away from there wasn’t immediately obvious. It crossed part of a field and I think it had been ploughed over but we spotted signs of travel fairly close to where it should have been and followed those tracks to pick up the route.

That took us south east along Brook Road before reaching the point where we turned north, back towards our starting point. Initially this was along a woodland path and then across open fields. There was a little further confusion about the route but then we spotted a yellow topped post and headed towards that.

I think it would have been harder in wet weather, with the field sections become claggy if not impassable but, in the present dry conditions, it was fine, if uneven, and the roughness of the path was more than compensated for by the beautiful sweeping vistas and accompanying chorus of birdsong.

Overall, the route was slightly longer than our regular strolls but I think it is one we will make an effort to return to now and again.

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