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This could be called the most considered piece of my RPM2020 collection so far, in that I didn’t record and release it on the same day.

Initially, I set up a ‘drummer’ in Logic Pro X and then improvised over the top of it (Sei Flamboyant 6 string bass through my regular, ‘SansAmp’ based Helix LT patch). I then chopped the bass part up into chunks and set it on one side for a couple of days.

Yesterday evening, I came back to it and spent some time arranging the pieces. They appear largely in the order of recording but I took the liberty of deleting some of the fumbles and bits that didn’t seem necessary, while duplicating and repeating a few chunks to add a little more structure.

In other words, improvisation as a source for composition. I suppose it does show off some of my playing chops although I had the process at the forefront of my mind when I named it.

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