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I love having my toolboxes and a core set of my tools up with me. It means I can get creative with some DIY projects:


We bought a large can of grapefruit the other day and it turns out it is the perfect diameter to snugly fit the bottom of a 2l plastic bottle in (cheap sparkling water). I’ve put some red electrical tape round the cut at the top to cover the sharp plastic edges and drilled the holes you can see here in the base.

The whole assembly is now sitting on the counter top with a folded cone of kitchen towel inside. I can pour in the coffee grounds and tea leaves, along with whatever dregs are left in the pot, and the water will drain through, while the solid matter is caught.

Probably once a day or so it will need emptying – dirty water down the sink and solids into the bin. It isn’t as good a solution as just composting the lot but, while we are in a rental house, we don’t have the luxury of a compost heap (or a local kitchen scraps collection) so it makes the best of the situation and builds in a little bit of creative upcycling too.

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