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Jane and I have been signed up to Amazon Prime for quite a while – cheap, quick deliveries and streaming video are the two main things we’ve used. However, the deliveries often aren’t that much quicker and you frequently pay a premium for ‘Prime’ products which offsets some of the alleged savings. We’ve also watched a lot of the stuff we want to see on there and don’t want to waste time watching other things just for the sake of it.

So, our Prime membership lapses in a few days and we’ve signed up with Netflix again for a while. We watched Fisherman’s Friends (2019) on Prime before cancelling the renewal (heartwarming film with excellent music) and Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) on Netflix (IMHO, falling even further short of the enjoyable original than PP2, although still with one or two decent musical set pieces). What I’m really looking forward to catching up with though is The Good Place (2016 – ), the only TV series I know that combines comedy so explicitly with ethics. I last saw the end of season 2 and it looks like we are now towards the end of season 4, so some catching up to do before we jump to another ship.

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