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The Rise of Skywalker


It turned out that adult tickets at the local Odeon in Loughborough only cost £5 apiece when we went down there last night. The extra 75p I saw online must have been the booking fee, so hurrah for their website failing to let me complete signing up and hurrah for the fact that Monday evening was quiet enough that there was no problem getting seats.

The film? The latest Star Wars epic, which promises to be the end of the Skywalker saga. After being quite bored by episode 8, I hadn’t been planning to see the last one but Magnus was in town and the price didn’t seem too bad (at very least, we’d get to see what the local cinema was like).

In the end, I found it rather enjoyable although I had to resign myself to just enjoying the ride and not asking too many awkward questions about continuity or character motivation. It’s an action film with largely two dimensional characters serving as a vehicle for impressive special effects. As someone who can still remember the original cinematic release (supported by multiple rewatching since then), I particularly enjoyed the numerous homages to earlier films.

Can I say more without risking spoilers? Probably not. It’s not the best film I’ve seen this year, nor even the best one I’ve seen at the cinema (for once, I’ve got other contenders in that category) but, for someone who once was a Star Wars fan, not a bad finale for a story spun out over 42 years of film-making.

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