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Back in July, I mentioned that we’d seen the film Yesterday at the cinema. I got a chance to watch it again last night, when a few of the blokes from my church got together for a curry and film evening.

Having seen it for a second time, I think I understand more clearly why it appeals to me. The protagonist of the story is a musician who keeps on pouring out their creativity but, until the miracle moment of the film, hasn’t hit the big time (and it takes a while even when he seems to be the only one who remembers the songs of The Beatles). I know a lot of excellent musicians you won’t have heard of unless you happen to have mixed in the same live music circles; people who keep music alive rather than the very small number who find themselves enjoying obscene levels of riches.

It is also a story of redemption. Without giving too many spoilers, our hero, Jack Malik pursues a lie and finds himself becoming a product rather than a person, making several bad choices along the way. I’ve never heard the song ‘Help!’ as such a cry from the soul as when it comes up in the narrative of this film. However, despite making a series of bad choices, Jack finally listens to a voice of wisdom and, from my perspective, the end is both beautiful and happy.

A final bonus for me was that I think I spotted someone I know on the credits. Camilla George is a great sax player who I did a couple of jazz gigs with about 12 years ago. I’m pretty sure she was in the “brass band” in the Wembley gig scene (yep – just sent her a message on Facebook and she’s confirmed before I finished this blog post!). There are better places you can check out Camilla’s playing (start on her website) but, even so, Yesterday gets thumbs up from me.

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