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Yesterday was a very musical day – leading at church in the morning on electric guitar, a couple of sets of double bass playing with Mudslide Morris (and Rich) in the afternoon and a rehearsal for next week’s blues service in the evening. However, by about half way through the afternoon, I realised that my left hand was starting to feel strained.

It wasn’t quite enough to cause me to stop but I didn’t get too ambitious and looked for what I could play without discomfort. I wonder if it was the combination of an extended bout of double bass playing on top of several hours of garden work the day before (even today, I can still feel a few muscle groups I’d forgotten about before the weekend!)?

I was due to also be playing double bass in the evening but decided to take my electric six string instead. If I’d felt pain then, I would definitely have stopped, but it went alright although I did make the most of a few breaks to help coach the choir along. Probably not too much playing over the next day or two to allow further time to recover… and perhaps not too much typing either!

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