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Rabbit in the Garden


We were woken at about 5am by a burst of odd sounds from the garden. Jane looked out of the window and saw a couple of cats but, checking a bit later when got up, it turned out to have been a rabbit, which the cats had probably been harassing.

As far as we could tell, it looked like a wild animal. It was healthy looking and with no visible signs of injury but no fancy coat or drooping ears. It certainly wasn’t domesticated enough to hop towards us as we observed it from a distance.

A little later, we saw one of the cats again, which Jane shooed off. Then, as she went to check on the corner the rabbit was hiding and see if she could make it more cat-proof, the rabbit itself took off. We last saw it running down the road outside. Hopefully it has a home or at least a bolt hole on this side of the ring road!

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