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Sofa, So Good


In another life, I might have been a tabloid headline writer! When we were at Abingdon Beds last weekend (see ‘Bring Your Pajamas‘) we’d gone for a mattress. That is now ordered and should be available some time next month. However, we’ve also been pondering getting a sofa for the front room and spotted one on the shop floor which, since it was ex-display and the shop was keen to get some new goods out, we got a good deal on.

We did have to go home and measure up but I phoned them this week to confirm it would fit and arranged delivery for today. They were due between 11 and 1pm so I thought I could nip out for some milk after I’d done a spot of gardening but, arriving back at about ten to eleven, they were already there!

Not a problem though – they said they had only just arrived and, although I had to do the passage tidying I’d planned on my return in double quick time, it was all in place by 11am. Looks good, feels great and, when Jane gets in this evening, we’ll do some furniture moving in the front room to decide where it will sit for now.

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