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Magnus has been doing (almost) daily sketches of hands since February this year. I haven’t, but I got a bit of my hand in this sketch from last Wednesday:


Looking back, I think I’ve made the wrist and certainly what is included of the forearm too narrow but it was a good exercise with my water-soluble graphite pencils.

I drew it at a PCC quiet evening last week. We had listened to the first part of Ephesians 4 and were reflecting on the metaphor of the church as a body. I was pondering how we grow into the things we choose to do (or, indeed, the things we merely do if we abnegate our responsibility to choose). For me, that is represented by this wrist.

Although you can’t see it on the surface, I had the chance to have both my wrists scanned by ultrasound a couple of years ago as a control subject for a planned clinical study. Under the surface, I have significantly more vascular development in my left wrist, probably as the result of 30+ years of bass playing where that wrist supports my fretting hand. What you do – taking the opportunity to sketch whenever possible included – shapes your being in ways visible and invisible.

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