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Going for Bronze


Last year, I posted very positively about the Jinhao fountain pen I’d picked up for work at a bargain price. It has served well but the flow has gradually got worse despite cleaning. For some time, it has taken a few test strokes to get it running in the morning and, more recently, I’ve sometimes only been able to write with the nib upside down. It might be possible to fix but, having demonstrated to myself that I can manage not to lose that pen, I decided it was time to upgrade.

Yesterday lunchtime, I popped down to Pens Plus in Oxford. Prices in there go up and up but they have some fairly inexpensive Lamy pens that I’ve heard good things about (I’d considered getting another pen like the Parker one I use for sketching but those have apparently been discontinued for some time).

When the case came out with the two cheapest Lamy models, I picked up the plastic ‘Safari’ first but recoiled quickly. Nice look but not such a pleasant feel. However, the aluminium bodied AL-Star felt much better – large enough for a good grip but surprisingly light. I picked out what I thought was a copper colour but I think is officially described as bronze and that’s the one I took back to the office.

After inserting the cartridge, straight away it was flowing freely. I might return to this in a few months to see if it is lasting better than the cheap model but, for now, I’m satisfied.

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