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Watering in the Rain


When I got in this evening, it was raining hard so I set about watering the garden. What? The last couple of weeks apart, it has been a fairly dry year this year so I’m keen to keep as much of this free water as possible. I’ve got two water butts at the front, three dustbins at the back and a few tub trugs pressed in as temporary storage but another place I can store this bounty is in the ground.

Not, of course, the areas that have been well watered already but I’ve been able to give the beds in the polytunnel a deep soaking and there are all those bits between shrubs and fences that are pretty sheltered. Mind you, I think I’ve gone about as far as I can for now. There’s a bit of capacity opened up in the water butts but I’d better find the cork for when they top up again as it looks like we’ve got more rain to come.

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