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Artweeks 2019 – 7


Jane and I managed to squeeze in a few more Artweeks visits today. Since we wanted to visit the National Herb Centre at Warmington, we came home via three artists based up in the north of Oxfordshire.

Pippa Bramham (#462) mainly does textiles although she also had some exquisite paintings and some which combined painting with embroidery. In particular, I liked some of the pieces that had loose threads hanging from the bottom, breaking the boundary and adding a touch of animation as they moved in the breeze.

Martin Damen (#463) carves practical implements like bowls and spoons from wood, using very simple tools – a couple of knives and a couple of axes. It was interesting to see his demonstration and understand a bit more about the design considerations (for example, you can cope with a knot in the handle or even the bowl of a spoon but it is structurally risky if it comes at the point where the two meet).

Lastly, we visited Jane Wimbury (#464) who works with glass and also some mosaic. Again we got a demonstration and plenty of information, as well as enjoying the wide range of pieces she has produced.

All three venues were quite quiet – no other visitors crossed us and we spent a good long time at all three. We also were offered refreshments at all three and made very welcome. I will definitely consider another trip north next year! The three week festival is over now but each artist can be found at many other places through the year and all are worth keeping an eye out for.

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