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Since moving into my house, I’ve taken quite frequent pictures from various upstairs windows. I’ve got shots of the front and back garden over almost a decade, illustrating the initial remodelling and then settling into maturity. Later on, I added a view of what I’ve called the Herb Hexagon garden, after the fact it was home to the majority of our herbs and that the centre was a hexagonal paving stone.

It has been a bit of a pain though. Since we added a cover to our washing line, I have had to make sure the line is up before taking the photos so you can see the patch. The hexagonal stone got relocated a long time ago and, now, we’ve removed a good number of the herbs too. As well as blocking photos, we found that flowering herbs like thyme attracted bees that would get caught in the nets on the side of the cover.

Today, I finished off digging a deep hole in the patch and installing an old dustbin. We can use a hose to transfer water from the butts in the front garden. Because the bin is sunk down, gravity is enough for this – not fast but, since it involves minimal effort, it doesn’t need to be. It becomes a kind of well and, as extra water storage, will help us capture more water during wet periods.

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