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Having easy access to Oxford’s wealth of museums and galleries is a rich privilege. You never know quite what you are going to get and some are underwhelming but, since, it only costs me a lunchtime stroll, I can afford to take my chances. Today, I wandered into the Pitt Rivers Museum mainly, I admit, to find a quiet place to sit down and look at a musical score I need to work on. Instead, I found a deeply moving exhibition called Lande: The Calais ‘Jungle’ and Beyond.

Cross salvaged from Orthodox church in the ‘Jungle’

Photos, art and detritus from the notorious refugee camp that was based near Calais in France. I took a free postcard of this particular item, a cross that had graced the Orthodox church of St Michael before it was torn down as the camp was ‘dismantled’ in 2016.

Worth a visit and certainly one I will return to again before it closes in November. I’d also give a hat tip to Performing Tibetan Identities in another gallery at the Pitt Rivers – I’ll try to get back for that again too, before it closes on 30 May.

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