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Be More BCG
Be More BCG

The final spread in my sketchbook got used up on Sunday afternoon at the Be More BCG event I took my bass down to. Later on I chatted with some people, enjoyed some music and some photos and paintings projected large across the club and contributed a little bit of my own playing. However, I was there quite early so, having set up, I sat on the stage and did some drawing.

It was a fairly challenging scene and I was disappointed with my initial sketch but kept on going until I arrived at something I was happier with; ghostly white figures in the large club setting, a balance of light and dark, monochrome and colour. There’s perhaps even a hint of the symbolic, with the light pillar on the right and the glowing rectangle (a screen, which was showing a slideshow of photos) which provide a hint of heavenly promise.

One of the things I’ve observed over the course of the work I’ve done in that sketchbook, started last August, is that some pieces come together quickly but others need a bit more patience and perseverance – a drawing out before the drawing’s done. Some, of course, end up just not being very good but I’m content with where this one landed.

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