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By every reasonable measure, spring has arrived. I tend to work by a simple, month based definition, where March is early spring, April mid-spring and May late spring. However, we’ve also passed the spring equinox, blossom is blossoming, buds are budding and, personally, I’ve done my first morning of the year where I’ve got up before work and gone out to do some gardening.

Nothing too heavy – just potting up some tomato seedlings (Solanum lycopersicum ‘Ananas’) that were starting to get quite leggy in their starter pots. I’d been growing them indoors but they will now live out in the polytunnel along with the ‘Artisan Purple’ tomato seedlings I potted up on Monday.

It’s also getting to that point in the year where the challenge becomes finding space for numerous pots with seedlings. But, still. Spring is sprung and that’s a good thing for the growing year.

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