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Bus Journey


I’m glad that my bike has been back to full working for a couple of weeks now. It is a much better way to commute than bus – faster, cheaper and with all the exercise benefits too. However, I got two things from my brief experience of public transport commuting earlier this month: a comparison experience and this drawing:

Bus Journey
Bus Journey

Starting in the top left and snaking right, left and right again, I drew a series of vignettes of different things that caught my attention, like buildings, people standing at stops and oncoming buses and other vehicles.

Each scene only gave me a brief period for observation and mark making so it was more about doing something constructive with the time and gradually letting an overall image emerge. I’d finished before I was even half way through the journey so, if I have to endure the experience again, perhaps I’ll try an pack the images closer together with overlaps.

One thing about the bike – you can’t safely sketch while the ground is whizzing by!

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