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Not by Bread Alone


When the Bible says “man shall not live by bread alone” (Dt 8:3), it isn’t dietary advice but an injunction to feed (metaphorically) on God’s words. From a Christian perspective, that means reading the Bible and also keeping a focus on Jesus, the Word of God (eg. see Jn 1). I know the the Christian view tends to make everything about Jesus but that makes sense when you remember that this label simply denotes those orientate their lives around Jesus Christ.

One of the strands I use to tie me into that is getting a daily verse delivered to my phone from the YouVersion app. However, that seems to have been less reliable since my enforced phone upgrade late last year and my unbroken run keeps getting broken (for what it is worth) because the technology isn’t coming through.

I’m switching to a daily email rather than a daily push notification to see if that works better. Meanwhile, at least ‘daily bread’ is a tradition that reaches back far beyond our fallible technology.

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