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Indoor Fireworks


In just over a couple of hours, I anticipate bangs and flashes as people let off fireworks to mark the UK rolling into 2019. Jane and I did our fireworks a little earlier though with a set of Indoor Fireworks.

I have to admit that this doesn’t come as as strong recommendation. I remember indoor fireworks from my childhood and I think they work better in memory. The set was frankly underwhelming and ’50 pieces’ doesn’t count for much when half of them were underpowered bangers.

Ironically, the instructions recommended using them outdoors, wbich is what we did this evening. Originally, I had bought them for the Christmas period but, after a strictly rationed performance on the first night we had guests, they got forgotten. Outside has the advantage that you avoid the smells at least.

To be fair, it was a bit of fun but, next year, I might just settle for some sparklers.

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