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Recently I posted a drawing I did in St Giles Church. It was one of those times when I did a couple of similar drawings in the same session, although the latter was rotated by 90°:

St Giles, Oxford - 2
St Giles, Oxford

The other difference is that the first drawing was largely ‘blind’ – that is to say, I didn’t look at the page while I was blocking in the main shapes but traced the pen on the page as I followed the edges with my eyes. I did come back to fill in some of the details and shading but you will see areas where the edges intersect.

This one was more observed although, the more blind drawing I do, the more relaxed my style often is when looking more closely. Not least, I don’t feel afraid to keep a line going while observing the subject rather than making my rendering of the subject the main focus. In this image, I think the weakest part is the bottom left section, where I was trying to figure out how to fit the semi-cylindrical corbel in and ended making it look flat and distorted.

What was it Yoda said? Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try. Mystical sounding bunkum? To some extent but there is something valuable in rotating one’s thinking to explore this. Simply drawing a line is more fulfilling and possibly more productive than struggling with the burden of trying to draw the line just right.

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