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Did you ever use Google+? I’ve dabbled and I know a few people who’ve dug in quite intensively but it hasn’t reached anything like the market penetration of Facebook. Today’s news is that it now definitely never will, as Google have announced that the project is closing down by August 2019 (see ‘Action 1’ in that release).

A key reason, and why it caught the attention of Hacker News (where I discovered the story) is that a flaw was discovered in the system that potentially allowed developers to mine people’s personal data. I understand that is now fixed and there is no clear evidence that it was exploited but, given the failure of Google Plus to become a leading platform, I think they have decided to cut their losses and move onto the next thing rather than risk further flaws coming to light.

Will I miss it? I don’t think so – it hasn’t been a source I typically check daily or even monthly. However, it is a salutary reminder of how even big projects from big players can have critical flaws lurking; anything put online may go much further than you expected.

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