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I set up my social media workflow so long ago, I had to look back to remember how I did it. When I blog, the title and link get fired across to Twitter (using the WP to Twitter plugin) and when I tweet, Twitter has permission to send that to Facebook as an updated status. The trouble with that kind of workflow is that changes at any of the connection points have the potential to derail things.

A while ago, something broke a little and, when posts got to Facebook, they only showed the header image from my blog rather than the lead image of the post. As a lot of my posts are about visual content, that was annoying but there wasn’t an obvious fix. Now though, posts aren’t showing up at all and, according to Twitter, it is down to a policy change at Facebook and a bit more digging shows some clues on the Facebook site. It seems to be linked to their stated desire to protect users privacy but seems to be putting the walls around their garden even higher. I did look at other WordPress plugins but it appears they are hitting the same barrier at the moment.

I think the consequence is that my Facebook account is going to get updated less often, at least until this all settles down. If you want to easily stay on top of what I’m doing what you need is not Facebook or Twitter but the good ole RSS feed.

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