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Artweeks – Abingdon Expedition


Oxfordshire Artweeks is almost over but has Sunday and Monday still to run. Jane and I took the opportunity today to take a trip down to Abingdon and beyond and visited a range of places for which I thought I’d offer mini-reviews:

Mags Cuttle / Molly Cuttle / John Gregory (Kennington). I spent most of my time in the pottery room talking to Mags, who produces some lovely glazed stoneware. I don’t think I’ve done pottery since I was at school but I’m quite tempted to sign up for a lesson – if Jane and I did a double booking, we could get a new set of bowls cheaper than it would cost to buy them… if our skills were up to scratch!

Peachcroft Barn Artists (North Abingdon). A rich variety of artists were exhibiting here, with work across a range of media. You can also buy fruit and veg and delicatessen goods from the store that permanently operates on site so a chance to stock up on a feast for the body as well as enjoying a feast for the eyes.

Pop Up Artists Collective (Abingdon – Abbott Road). Another group exhibition. We discovered we knew one of the artists from the annual art summer school we attend so it was a chance to catch up as well as enjoy a range of excellent exhibits. We could easily have spend a lot longer here but I would put this up with Mags Cuttle as one of my two favourites for the day.

The Abbey Group (St Nicholas Church). And another group. I was partly interested to see another church based exhibit to compare and contrast with what we did at St Clement’s. Lots of paintings in here, in a range of styles, and also work from a guest ceramicist.

St Ethelwold’s House. Most exhibitions are the work of artists with an active, Oxfordshire-based practice. At St Ethelwold’s House, the work was all by Walter Lindner, a deceased artist who was based in Berlin during his long working life. Some fascinating pieces though and, since the sun was out in strength by this point, a good opportunity to sit and enjoy their garden by the Thames as well.

Charlotte Storrs (Culham). I realise that our last visit of the day was our first to a sole exhibitor! Charlotte produces clean looking stoneware all glazed in white. I was particularly interested in her fermenting pots, which had a lip that could be filled with water to create a simple airlock to protect the contents. The pottery is set in a lovely garden with a gorgeous rose on the way in too.

Tomorrow we might visit some places round Didcot and might root around Wittenham on Monday. However, time is running out for Artweeks 2018 so don’t delay getting out to the places you want to see.

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