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I think that is Spanish for ‘to go by foot’, which is what I will be doing today. Leaving work yesterday, I discovered my rear tire had lost a lot of air and, despite an optimistic attempt, I had to acknowledge that it was flat enough to require me to walk home (part of why I wasn’t firing on all cylinders when trying to get to my rehearsal). I pumped it up last night and it seemed to hold air but the valve wasn’t sitting quite right and this morning it was visibly flat again.

Probably I was a bit too optimistic when I pumped the tires up last week, pushing what was a relatively old inner tube too far, although it did give a very good ride for a few days. I need to get my bike booked in for its annual checkover at the bike shop (particularly since I have a feeling I missed last year’s dose) so, rather than try to sort it myself (rear wheel off, tube out, check for damage, possible repair, etc) I think I’ll just push it down to the shop later today or tomorrow if they have space. It feels like a bit of a cheat but I haven’t got a good space for bike maintenance at the moment and it needs to go in anyhow.

Still, at least on foot, I can trade my cycling helmet for a dapper hat!

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