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Jam to the End


I was wondering if I was going to get my RPM Challenge project finished (one album – at least 35 minutes or 10 tracks – all produced during February 2018) and then it struck me that the extended jam from the end of Monday’s band practice would be perfect:

The band in question is Kitchen Funk Experiment, a group I’ve recently started rehearsing with. We mainly work on covers around the soul and funk area but often relax with a bit of pure improvisation and I’m particularly pleased with this one. We’re still polishing details for a full set but definitely up for gigs in the near future so let me know if you’re interested in hearing more, particularly you have an event for which you need a band in the Oxford area.

You can listen to my whole RPM 2018 album on SoundCloud. I might give a bit of thought to the track order, which is presently order of creation. However, Jam to the End is definitely the one to finish it off.

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