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Having to Yodel Myself


I am unimpressed with delivery company Yodel. I order a reasonable amount of stuff online and most of it turns up with no problem, which means I often don’t know who the carrier was. That means Yodel may be responsible for a fair number of successes too. However, last week they really dropped the ball.

It was last Tuesday when we got two ‘Sorry we missed you’ cards through the door from a Yodel driver. One said the parcel had been left with a neighbour about ten properties away and the other, a couple of minutes later, said a parcel had been taken back to the depot. Jane was expecting one parcel so she went and retrieved the, surprisingly heavy, package from the neighbour. It turned out to be a complete misdelivery, which should have gone to a property in the road which runs parallel with ours. Jane arranged with Yodel, via their automated system, to have the other packaged redelivered the following day and, on our way out anyway, we popped round to the destination of the package we had to see if anyone was in.

It turned out that the property was being redeveloped and the nearest neighbours who were in didn’t know the name of the new owner and weren’t keen to take it in. The following day I worked at home all day and the redelivery didn’t happen. I’d hoped to ask the driver for advice on the return as neither the phone service or the website seemed to give any traction. Thursday morning rolls around and I had discovered a page with the advice to break through the phone system by deliberately misenter your home number several times; that did the trick and Jane got to speak to a person who apologised, assured us that our parcel had been delayed but was due for a late delivery and that they would contact us about the other package.

When we got in, our parcel was waiting in our regular safe place (why didn’t it end up there originally) but we didn’t hear anything about the other one. We tried a delivery again on Friday and then, since we’d left it in the boot, I finally managed to hand it over (to the decorator in the house, who did know the owner named on the package) on my way to go shopping on Saturday. Still no word from Yodel and it seems they deserve their appalling reputation.

I expect their drivers aren’t vetted much more or paid much more than I was for actually getting the package to the right place. However, to companies who pay to have things delivered, please pick a different service; it is the kind of thing that definitely influence my future purchasing decisions especially since most seem to manage it with no problems.

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