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This Year’s Artichokes


This morning I did a few chores in the garden: the regular task of shuffling firewood round my ‘seasoning system’ and the annual one of harvesting my artichokes. Last year, I left it quite late (possibly March) and there wasn’t anything much left in the way of edible tubers. However, there was enough to create another generation and this year I retrieved the best part of a kilo from the pot.

It would be easily to increase the harvest – either a bigger pot (but that would be hard to shift and too much in one batch) but given the low maintenance required, I’m happy with the amount I got. Most will get eaten (a few already have – raw in a lunchtime salad and cooked with dinner) and a few of the smaller ones will go back to roll forward to the next generation.

Given that I’m still working from stock I first got as spares from our weekly veg box in 2013, I think (2.68kg later, according to my records) I’m quids in already. Sainsbury’s (as a prominent UK supermarket) would charge me £4.29 / kg and probably twice as much for an organic crop. Given that I can also measure them in food metres rather than food miles, I’ve easily covered the cost of the box I got them in.

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