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Blind Painting


I have enthused about “blind drawing” several times. This is the practice of tracing the shapes of objects while looking at them rather than down at the paper. One of the new twists I explored in yesterday’s Observation to Abstraction session was the related method of blind painting. Below is the result from still life – click the image to view the full set of pictures from yesterday with some more representational views from the same set of plants and twigs in jars:

Abstract still life watercolour painting

Blind Painting

In some ways it looks childish but there is also an element of sophistication. I am pleased with the colours I mixed, the interaction of the lines scribed over the top and, in particular, the overall composition. There is an energy emanating from the bottom left, anchored by the darker, duller colours marking the corner (black card along the base and a greenish vase in the setting) bursting into the bright explosions of pigment; orange and pink held together by two different but similar patches of green. Above all, it is deeply honest portrayal of what I saw and responded to – indeed, observation to abstraction.

Technical notes – all colours were mixed from Schmincke Helio Turquioise, Lukas Genuine Rose, Daler Rowney Green Gold and Winsor and Newton Paynes Grey. Brush work was done with a 1″ flat brush and the lines were added with brown and green watercolour pencils.

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