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Merry Christmas 2017


Watcolour - small city nestling in a desert under a sky with hints of angels

Road to Jerusalem

Merry Christmas. Here is my card design for this year, which I’ve called Road to Jerusalem. Jerusalem, not Bethlehem? It isn’t really so far away and it is where the Christmas story is leading to. Two of the gospel writers don’t even mention the birth of Christ but each of the four gospels is half-filled with the events in Jerusalem thirty or so years later. Jerusalem is an important city although I wouldn’t build my embassy there right now.

A bit of uncomfortable politics for Christmas but then Christmas has to hold both tidings of comfort and joy together with the truth of a harder road that has to be travelled to realise the gift of the ages. For this day though, if you find some kind of festivity in the day, just look for the traces of angels – in the purple sky of my picture and in the unfolding stories around you. Merry Christmas.

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