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My plans for the jUKEbox Christmas performance are taking shape. The shortened version I worked up after last week’s rehearsal, supported by having rearranged some of the chord sheets to show only what we need to play, seems to fly pretty well. There are some quite ambitious changes of tempo and feel but I think we can negotiate our way round and produce something that will be quite exhilarating. The concept of stuffing one quite long Christmas song with a bunch of others – an aural turducken – seems to have wings.

My homework for this week is to produce updated versions of the rest of the songs and also to note the couple of extra tweaks. We’re dropping a repeated chorus from one song and, more ambitiously, attempting a live ‘crossfade’ between the last couple of tracks. It will either fly like a red-nosed reindeer or fly like a turkey but I think it is going to fly!

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