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Here is the other side of the test page I posted yesterday:

Experiment with blue and pink

Cloud Test

What I am trying to do is capture something of that cloud scene I posted on Sunday; the challenge is how to do it through the medium of watercolours. I need to work with the flow and translucency of the paint while still bringing out vivid colour and contrast. I’m not there yet but I’m keeping an eye out for interesting things along the way.

Here I used a wash of Pthalo Blue, having already painted the shape I wanted in plain water. I then dropped in more of that blue and also Prussian blue to indicate the darker tops of clouds. Once it had thoroughly dried, I used some watered down Crimson Red Lake to add pinks at the bottom. It isn’t quite what I was after but helps me forward and could become the basis of something done on a different tack.

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