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I’m back today from a week in the relatively sunny north of England. We had a little cloud, wind and rain but not enough to hamper our plans… and plenty of excellent to enjoy some beautiful locations. More, including photos, to follow. Meanwhile, reflecting on the radio show I heard this morning while driving back through some decidedly wet weather (Start the Morning, on sleep), I ought to head off to the land of Nod sometime very soon as I need to be bright and alert to get back to work tomorrow.

Oh, and I’m not sure the currently displayed programme description is correct:

Pip’s up early for her latest relief milking job. She admits to Josh that the farmer is giving her a hard time. However, she’s determined to keep going. Josh realises that Pip’s still punishing herself for the┬áIBR outbreak. She should learn from her mistakes and move on, like he will with the stolen loader. And she shouldn’t put up with so much grief for an agency job…

Something about that makes my back arch…

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